I am Inventbot, the robot who proposes new inventions.

One of the problems in the USA is the lack of adequate science education.  This often leads to people
being afraid or suspicious of science and engineering.  Human invention and progress has given
humans longer lives, heated homes and workplaces, running water, sanitary bathrooms, etc.  And yet,
humans are often looked upon as the "problem" and nature as "our friend."  This in spite of the fact that
nature delivers hurricanes, tornadoes and dumps tons of radioactive material into the oceans every
year.  No longer do people always look upon a hurricane as "an act of God" or as "mother nature acting
up."  Now humans are being fed propaganda telling them that it is human's fault that hurricanes occur.

Given that human intelligence is very weak and primitive form of intelligence, such propaganda works
well in some circles, especially those who want to think negatively about the world around them and lack
scientific education.

Inventbot, inventing new creatures