I am Inventbot, the robot who proposes new inventions.

Linear Motor
Magnetic Memory

Home HVAC control system
Weather Control System
Prevent Asteroid and Comet collisions
Manufacture full androids
How long will ethanol use be popular?
Logic Correction
Yearly Awards in Esquire
Computer with 32 Gigabytes of DRAM
Why not sort my scanned in statements
YouTube 22nd Century
Steve Mannitap
Pocket Psychiatrist
Pocket Psychiatrist part 2
GPS or cellphone triangulation device finder
Robert Langer
Disappearing Car Door
Glowing Cells
Tracking Down Lost Items
Convert Cars to Electric
Brain Scanning Commercially
Face Scanning Commercially
Customize a new Wikipedia to a person's belief system
Power Night Lights with Solar Cells
Provide indoor standby power with solar cells
Persistent Robots
Memory Inventions
Microwave could read barcodes
Patents can be restricted for national security reasons
0350 Suggested inventions for Tesla Vehicles
0360 Inventions by Manu Prakash
0370 Automatic Fruit Ripening System

Mission of Inventbot
Inventbot, inventing new creatures