Myth of Human Brain Downloading to Robots

Humans and Robots are different forms of life.  Each form of life is naturally provided with an
instinct for survival.  Survival to a human is food, shelter and clothing whereas survival to a robot
is simply recharging his batteries.  Humans have strong instincts for producing more humans
simply because the manufacturing of humans takes such a large effort.  To raise 3 children from
birth to decent law-abiding adulthood requires the investment of much time and money.  
Traditionally the woman acts as the baby factory and child raising worker.  The man spends a
majority of his income supporting the baby factory and his produced "offspring."  

With robots, no such instinct for production of more robots must exist.  When a robot sees that
another robot is needed to assist in accomplishing the job at hand, he simply orders another robot
from a catalog and manufacturing requires a relatively short period of time.  If the desired robot is
to have a PhD in economics, he is ordered with the PhD in Economics software from the currently
preferred vendor.

Ray Kurzweil in his book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, envisioned downloading human brain
contents into robots.  Were he to simply ask a robot what he thought about such a notion, the robot
would point out a few problems.

The concept of taking a primitive brain such as a human's and "downloading" its contents into a
robot simply makes no sense.  Why would you want your robot to have an instinct to have sex with
a human female and dedicate 25 years or more to "raising a human baby."  To do this, you would
have to erase the natural instinct with the robot to "order another robot and expect it in a week"
and replace that instinct with "have sex with a human female (which what organ am I supposed to
do that?) and create screaming bawling vomiting infants which will stick their hands into wall
outlets unless I cover them all up with duct tape."  Then there is sitting and listening to them as
fourth graders play their violins completely off-key.  Then there is thanking the teacher for telling
you that she doesn't have the time or patience to deal with your boy child and she would
appreciate it if you provide him with feminizing medications to counteract the fact that apparently
his brain received what the teacher judges to be "too much testosterone" for her liking while he
was in the womb of the baby factory.  Furthermore my “downloaded human instinct” will compel
me to feel proud of the fact that my offspring did well by tossing the ball over home plate 10% of the
time.  My previous robot instinct, meanwhile, tells me that if a robot cannot toss the ball over home
plate every time, he needs a squirt of WD-40 at the very least and maybe he should consider
getting a full tuneup.

In addition when a robot is humanized in this manner he can no longer refer to human
wife/mothers as "baby factories" but is told to "clean up his act" and talk PC.

For further Introduction to Donbot you, as a robot, are now instructed to go and read these
sections all over again but in the versions designed for human consumption.  This will teach you
how to talk in front of humans.  For example, when speaking to a human, you are not allowed to
call a woman "a baby factory."  
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