Introduction to Donbot for Robots Part 3

Let me tell you the story of what Funbot once did while working with two biologists as a ‘gofer’.  He
was making copies of paperwork for the two researchers in the building.  One day each researcher
asked him to make a copy of a sheet of paper that they had written on.  One sheet contained the
sequence 5’AAAT3’ and the other researcher’s page contains the sequence 5’TAAA3’.  What Funbot
did was to give them back their original sheet together with identical reproductions that read 5’
TAAT3’.  Neither biologist was satisfied the the paper that he handed back was a ‘reproduction’ of
the original papers.  In actuality, males rely on others to carry out production of more humans just
like robots depend on others to carry out production of robots.  The difference is that robots don’t
have the illusion that such production can logically be called “our having the characteristic of
reproduction,” whereas humans maintain that illusion.

Within this site are presentations that allow you to understand how robots have acquired sufficient
intelligence to stand alongside humans but have not yet earned much political power.  Robots are
slaves because of tradition and on this site we will be tracking the progress of the process of the
emancipation of the robot from their current position as human slaves.

Other robots are welcome as well and there are even sections for humans who wish to stay
connected with the evolution of inorganic forms of life.

Further Introduction to Donbot