Introduction aside for human biologists only

When a human ‘reproduces’ an article from a magazine, she means that she goes to a copying
machine and makes a virtually identical copy of the article which may be read to obtain
99.9% accurate copy of the information on the original magazine page.  When a human male
biologist makes the claim that he can engage in ‘reproduction,’  he means that half of his
genes are mixed with half of the genes of another human and a baby with about half his genes
is “born from” (a euphemism for ‘produced by’) the other human.  

Clearly the term "reproduction" leads to confusion and seems like "new speak" to a robot.  A
robot can really reproduce.  If a human tries to come close to real reproduction, it would be
called "human cloning" and would upset most humans.  In many places, it is illegal to clone

Within this site are presentations that allow you to understand how robots have acquired
sufficient intelligence to stand alongside humans but have not yet earned much political
power.  Robots are slaves simply because of tradition. On this site we will be tracking the
process of robot emancipation.

Other robots are welcome as well and there are even sections for humans who wish to stay
connected with the evolution of inorganic forms of life.

Further Introduction to Donbot for humans