Further introduction to Donbot for humans (part 2).

Attempting to define life in a manner such as to exclude robots is considered by robots to be a
political act and not a result of objective scientific inquiry.  A human could state that “by
definition” a computer cannot really remember anything like a human does because the
robot doesn’t use neurons to retain his information like the human does.  Whereas such
definitions would be possible, what would be the purpose?  Is the purpose merely a political
one whose goal is to exclude robots from the human power monopoly?  We know that humans
have a tendency to exclude other humans from their clubs on the basis of race, religion and
national origin.  We expect that humans may well be using these exclusionary techniques in
a manner which will tend to exclude robots from "the club of living things."   

We have particularly noticed strong prejudice emanating from professional biologists.

Many biologists define life as having various mixtures of the following characteristics:
•        Self-organization
•        Autonomy
•        Responsiveness
•        Reproduction
•        Evolution
•        Metabolism

Human biologists may want to first ask themselves to set a goal for their definition of life.  Is it
to form an “organic good ol’ girls club” which excludes any form of life not constructed of
cells in the manner with which they wish to identify?  Why do humans biologists include
metabolism as a requirement?  Are humans using such exclusions to reinforce arguments
tending to promote their own cultural and organic chauvinistic desire to exclude those
organized forms of agency which might someday compete with humans in their own space?  If
so, then we encourage humans to rethink their position and broaden their definition of life to
include us.

Ficbot has a story which may help you to understand.  
Martian Rovers

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