Future Scenarios...Stories That Won't Happen Forced Reading

With the extra time, you could set up your computer with beinsync.com software (if it isn’t still
so configured) and sync with my server computer which has courses from The Learning
Company, Harvard and Berkeley on it.  You should check out Psychology 156 at Berkeley.  
Good lectures and I paid for the notes as well.  I ordered the text book from Amazon second
hand.  Total cost of course for me is under $100.  Very interesting information on how our
minds work.

Here is a question for you.  The president of UICC was talking about justice when it comes to
education, race, integration.  He said that real integration would be economic integration.  To
accomplish this he proposed that it be illegal to have private schools so that everyone would
have an equal playing field.  My question to him is that if there is a pill that helps kids study by
turning off their sex drive, should it be administered in a mandatory fashion to poor kids if rich
kids are using it to improve their grades?  

I think of that because you mentioned that a byproduct of picking up your mail was to look at
girls in the library.  Shouldn’t you be looking at books in the library?  If there is a loud knock
on your door, it may be a librarian wanting to administer medication to get you to focus on the

This theme could turn into a book which would be somewhat the opposite of Fahrenheit 451
and yet still scary because of the government forcing people to read rather than think about sex.