Future Scenarios...Stories That Won't Happen
The Problem Addressed Here is:
Illiteracy in the World

Please review: Time Cliffs before continuing with this section.

Various Scenarios are presented here in order to picture how each one might solve this problem.

Approach 1: Elimination of the need for reading and writing by using talking computers to replace all
reading and writing with speech and graphics.  In other words, use computer technology to substitute for
training in the traditional skills of reading and writing.

The major proponent for this approach is William Crossman, who outlines his approach in his book:

VIVO [Voice-In/Voice-Out]: The Coming Age of Talking Computers
Please review the description of his book before continuing: Crossman Vivo.

Approach 3:  Develop improved language centers by comparing brains which are good with written
language with those who are not.  Determine which genes are favorable toward written language

Approach 4: Develop simulation of the human brain.