ADHD is a condition whose cause is both biological (perhaps genetically caused) and
psychological/social causes and stated that the dominant cause is biological.  This excuses
people from responsibility for their own condition, which is partly under their control.  As a
result, people with ADHD are not encouraged to exercise their willpower and control their
own behavior.

This poses many questions as to the direction that human society is going.

If Prozac is given to women who are depressed because they lack self-esteem and Ritalin is
given to teenage and younger boys because they cannot sit still in class, aren't humans
eliminating the ends of the bell curve and moving everyone toward the androgynous center?

According to Francis Fukuyama in
Our Posthuman Future:

From the perspective of a cyborg, it is fine to manufacture a generic model.  But from the
perspective of all robots (including computers and any other thinking machinery) isn't it good
for humans to have a variety of people?

Let me know what you think.
American Blog: Blindsight: When the Brain Sees What You Do Not</a>
There is a disconcerting symmetry between Prozac and Ritalin.  The former is prescribed heavily for
depressed women lacking in self-esteem; it gives them more of the alpha-male feeling that comes with
high serotonin levels.  Ritalin, on the other hand, is prescribed largely for young boys who do not want to
sit still in class because nature never designed them to behave that way.  Together, the two sexes are
gently nudged toward that androgynous median personality, self-satisfied and socially compliant, that is the
current politically correct outcome in American society.   pp. 51-52
Scientific American Blog: Blindsight: When the Brain Sees What You Do Not