Scenarios That Could Happen Contents

01 New Ways to Approach Human Education, Manual Laborers.
02 How Robots Could Evolve Like Microsoft Windows Did
03 Trendspotting
04 Artificial Human Minds
05 When Computers Think
06 When Computers Vote
07 When robots are made to resemble humans, Choosing Change in Robot Implementation
08 SeaSteading, creating a new country at sea
09 What would a human do with their personal robot?
10 What do humans believe about Evolution?
11 What are the advantages of having a robot wife?
12 Help for humans with low Emotional and Interpersonal Skills
13 Upgrading to Human Status
14 Upgrading Human Genes
15 Problems With Human Genes
16 Human Thinking
17 Humans Gain Computer Literacy
18 If Humans Gain Knowledge, will they see through AGW?
19 If Humans gain competency, will they see though other cultural myths?