Devise A Simple Bowling Machine which can beat humans at bowling

Most humans are not aware of the fact that many sports are merely having a human do some trivial act
which is not trivial if you are a human.  A video of such a project would help to explain this to humans.

Example 1 is a bowling machine which simply consists of a ramp down which a ball with no finger holes
in it gets a perfect strike every time.  The ramp is constructed so that the ball glides smoothly from the
ramp to the alley without any discontinuity in momentum.  The alley must not be dented by human
bowlers who lob their balls and cause indentations.  It should also be perfectly level and the pins
should be inspected for flaws.

The obvious question is by what logic do some stupid humans try to compete against a simple
mechanical chute?  Should these humans be marked for further action?