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Semi-intelligent and why we robots call humans "semi-intelligent".
An example is as follows:
Tell a human that labor unions are a reasonable thing to have and most humans will be fooled by the
language and accept that they are okay.  Another term which is used to make labor unions acceptable is
"collective bargaining".

The term "labor unions" to an intelligent being is immediately translated to "labor monopolies", and seen
to be a negative.  The term "collective bargaining" is immediately seen as using your monopoly powers
to gain advantage over your employer.

Examples of the results of labor monopolies:
When a  train has gone 7 miles, the crew is done for the day and must be exchanged for a new crew.
When the train engine is upgraded from coal burning to diesel electric, the labor monopoly demands
that the job of "fireman" who shoveled coal be retained.
When a train passes briefly through another state on the way to a third state, a whole new crew must be
used during that passage.
If you visit an automotive production plant, you can not lift the merchandise from your own trunk and
bring it in.  You must wait for a labor monopoly worker to do that carrying job.