The Robots Are Coming
Unfairness of Human to Humans because they are stupid

There are many examples of this every day.  But let me take the first one that occurs to me at this

A judge in San Francisco decided that Uber, who offers software to connect drivers to passengers
and who doesn't really "hire" any humans should, nevertheless, be held to conform to human labor

Let us say that whether you are a robot or a human, an employer or an employee, please judge the
following question from the perspective of "helping human laborers".

A judge ruling against Uber and for human drivers of the Uber cars will cause which of the
following to happen:
  1. Slow down Uber's program to develop self-driving cars to replace the need for human drivers.
  2. Speed up Uber's program to develop self driving cars to replace their need for human drivers.

Excuse me, but the answer is obvious and Uber is certainly speeding up their automation program.