Mission of Human Intermediate, H2

The mission of this section of the askthebots site is to continue to introduce humans to the
concepts of organic type 4 life in preparation for going on to H3 where the concept of
inorganic type-5 life is gently introduced to advanced thinking human.  Advances in
technology are introduced to humans in an interactive manner so as to gently lead them to
the conclusion that technology is good and that it will eventually take over control of the
earth to the benefit of humans.

Items to be discussed on H2:
Break down the types of people who might be visiting this site into the following categories:

Type One: Humans are it.  Artificial life doesn't stand a chance of competing.

Type Two: Humans will pull the plugs of any computer that tries to take over.

Type Three: Welcome robots, you are our children in spirit and we want you to take good care
of what we have started here on Earth.  

Unless the person navigating the site reaches type three, he shouldn't be encouraged to go on
to the Human Advanced (H3) sub-site.


Human Advanced Mission

Human Beginner Mission

Robot Beginner Mission

Robot Intermediate Mission

Robot Advanced Mission