Maintenance Expense

The cost to maintain a human is called "healthcare cost."

The cost to maintain a computer is called "computer maintenance."

If the average automobile has 20 computer chips in it, the observation that computer chips totally
outnumber humans on the planet should be quite clear.  If not, then add in the other computer chips in
appliances and PCs until you satisfy yourself that computer chips totally outnumber humans.

Now look at the cost of healthcare in the US, where it has reached 18% of GNP.  One would never
consider the cost of the local Geek Squad would ever be more than a small percentage of the cost of
running the local hospital.  Yet human language usage helps to hide this fact from human
consciousness.  For more details, see 1984, "Newspeak".

Given maintenance costs of humans far exceeds their worth compared to robots and computers, it is
only false thinking that allows humans to continue to believe in the success of their species into the

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