Limited Human Brain

<The universe is said to be finite, but boundless, as if we were ants crawling on a basketball. So, there
is no extremity. I guess we are in the outer third of our galaxy, though.>

Please consider the following observation:

Confusion 1. Most humans will easily confuse the concept and size of their own solar system, their own
galaxy and the universe which contains both.  You really cannot blame humans for this problem.  After
all, the human brain did not evolve in an environment where such concepts were even remotely tied to
survival on the small planet earth.  

If humans have walking problems, they often use crutches.  If humans have understanding problems,
they take courses if they want to understand.  But what if the subject matter is too complex for the
particular human mind?  Will we use computing machines as “crutches for our brains”?  I cannot see
bacteria, let me use a microscope.  I cannot understand relativity theory, let me use a brain implant.

Picture the following:  My job now requires me to understand Einstein’s theory of relativity.  My brain is
incapable of understanding and I can see that I have “hit the limits of my brain” and will lose my job.  I
see an ad in Popular Mechanics for a brain implant which will allow me to understand everything that
Einstein did.  Why will I not buy it?