Search for Artificial Intelligence

Someone said that since a congressman was purported to have "beaten" the Watson computer at
Jeopardy!, that it means that humans are still smarter than robots at Jeopardy!
If you map that out with logic, the logic obviously fails. But most people are not that into logic. So what to

Here is my retort: If the congressman gets killed in an accident, does this mean that Watson is in an
instant now smarter than people?

I have concluded that since so many pieces of the artificial intelligence are now in place but that people
are not aware of them that it will come to them all of a sudden when robots are clearly in charge most
everywhere. Example, robots now decide credit scores and have for many years. R2 is better at
diagnosing breast cancer, also for many years now. R2 was bought by Hologic and has been toned
down as an assistant to radiologists. It is based on neural networks and is learning all of the time. R2
has a neural net, Humans use a neural net. R2 has been exposed to hundreds of times as many X-rays
as any human has. Humans obviously don't stand a chance long term. Short term, since humans do the
purchasing and FDA approvals, the robots have to back off and play dumb and innocent.

The other way that surprises are coming is that the chips which are advantageous at artificial
intelligence are not the ones best for word processing and spreadsheets. Intel continues to emphasize
up to 4 cores whereas IBM is using only 8 cores for their chips. Watson, for example is built with 8 core
chips. Tilera has server boards using their 64 processor chips and there is now a new company called
Adapteva also offering a 64 core chip. Adapteva is talking about chips with 4096 cores and suggesting
that they will be used in cell phones. This implies that we may be "over the hump" where Intel will be
losing to the massively parallel processor producers.