Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

As of January 2007, the search techniques being used are not likely to end with success.

See New Scientist, 26 Nov 2006 Steven Wolfram
Looking for alien intelligence in the computational universe
26 November 2005
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Marcus Chown

IN The shadows of Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak volcanoes in northern California, dozens of radio
telescopes are gearing up to search for extraterrestrials. Thousands of kilometres away in Boston,
Massachusetts, Stephen Wolfram has the same goal in mind. But unlike the astronomers working at Hat
Creek observatory, Wolfram's approach has no need for telescopes.

Instead of scanning the heavens for alien radio broadcasts, he thinks we should be looking much closer
to home. Much, much closer: ET could be living or working with you. But the truly amazing thing about
Wolfram's claim is that he believes all the knowledge we stand to gain from an extraterrestrial
intelligence - surely the best reason for getting to know the alien in the first place - is already ours for
the taking. We don't have to find ET; we can start the search for this ultimate knowledge right now.
Advanced civilisation could be little more than a mouse click away.