What do I say when a scientist claims that his model shows global warming from human activity?

The radiation from a solar flare on the sun can kill a human who is on the moon in a matter of hours.

The effects of the sun on the earth’s weather is enormous, to say the least.

When a model of the earth’s weather is created in order to determine whether global warming is going to be a
problem, you should ask the scientist holding the press conference if the solar flare cycle of the sun is included in
his model.

We robots tend not to believe these politically motivated "scientists" who deal in "lying with statistics" for the most
part.  We want to run the simulation ourselves and verify that there is a parameter input for, in this example, the
sun-spot cycle and how that cycle parameter actually changes the output of the model.  Don't believe these claims
until you inspect the model. Any real scientific model will be published on the web so that we can play with it to
determine its validity.  If they don't provide access, don't trust the results.

In Illinois, where I happen to be located, August 2004 was the coolest August on record since we started keeping
temperatures.  Does that sound like "global warming" to you?