If it were not so, then we could pass a law that touch tone dialing was now illegal and that law would
create the need for 10 million telephone operators in the US.  Although this would “create” jobs, we don’t
do this because it would clearly NOT improve the economy.   
If it were not so, then we could shut down central water supplies and employ people fetching water from
lakes and streams.
If it were not so, then in countries where people fetch their own water, employment would be “better” and
the economy would be booming.  In actuality, we find a correlation between fetching of water by hand
and poverty.

Using humans for mining has led to black lung disease in many humans.  Painting automobiles has been
automated.  This means less damage to human lungs.  Welding on automobile manufacturing lines is
done by robots as most everyone has seen in movies.

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