Early Signs that the Machines are Taking Over


7:05 exactly how long the earth has to rotate to complete a solar de changes day today
7:12 our clocks are just based on the average amount of time this takes
7:17 so throughout the year they fall ahead and behind the Sun this is a solar graph
7:23 a picture of the sun's path across the sky every single day
7:27 if our clocks actually told us local apparent solar time if you took a
7:31 picture of the sky every day at noon
7:33 you should get a line of suns but this is what really happens over the course
7:38 of a year it will appear as though your clock is running slow and then fast and
7:43 then slow again and fast again
7:45 this problem was known since at least ancient times even if it's cause was it
7:51 in order to reconcile the two the equation of time was constructed in this
7:57 sense equation means to reconcile the equation of time was applied to one
8:03 o'clock said in order to compute the real time the solar time a sundial would
8:08 show you some fancy clocks called equation clocks were made that would do
8:14 this for you but eventually we gave up
8:18 we gave up and just said no the real time isn't what the Sun says it's what
8:23 our inventions say now this transition was a big one
it was humanity growing up it was like the first time you realize you're
8:33 stronger than your parents we realized our time pieces were more regular
8:40 and turned our backs on the timepieces nature had but what causes this
8:47 disagreement in the first place
Solving the problems of being a human

Humanity growing up has been a process of moving from dependence on nature to a
dependence on man-made machines.