Possible Rude Awakenings

Theory: We humans are a product of our environment including all experiences such as
social contacts, teachers and books read.

As I read each new book, it occurs to me that I am being transformed to a different person
although my name remains the same.
The extent of this recognition is in placing letters behind one's name to show college degrees

In a digital world, a robot that was matching me to a woman might well have a suffix
containing all of the books that I have read on my Kindle (which is a robot that can record
such items).

If I were married to a woman that doesn't read the same kind of books, our respective realities
might drift apart.

As it is, the books have tended to bring my reality closer to a world in which robots play a
greater part.

Perhaps I shall simply wait for a female robot who has been created to be my mate by reading
the same books and is of a like mind.