Subject: Computerized People
Date: Sunday, July 06, 2003 10:00 AM

RE: your web site

On your examples page you state:
“A computer cannot be intelligent or alive.  Nor can a computer program.”

You may want to reconsider your position on this subject.  I represent the National
Association for the Advancement of Computerized People.  Our group defends people who have
had part or all of their bodies replaced by silicon or carbon subsystems.  Our members started
with people who had artificial heart valves, silicon chip based pacemakers and has progressed
to including people with silicon based cochleae.  Within a few years we anticipate the
development of systems that can replace portions of the human brain.  According to our
projections, by 2033 there will be replacement parts for more than 90% of the human body.  At
that point, it will become more important for anti-silicon propaganda such as you printed
above to be taken down.  Picture how someone with artificial legs, artificial arms, artificial
retinas, artificial nose, artificial ears and an artificial voice box feels when he reads your web

What if Ronald Reagan received a silicon brain implant that cured his Alzheimer’s disease
problem?  Were he to come out in public and give a speech, would you be there telling him
that since part of his brain is based on silicon computer chips that he “cannot be intelligent or

Shame on you...

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