Injection of ID Chips into Humans

Conrad Chase, The director of the Baja beach Disco-Bars ( There are more Baja Beach Discos
in other countries, Netherlands, as an example ) is responsible [for] the Verichip injection for
his clients. He explained that a simple injection will implant this chip. This implant will be
used for to charge money or automatically open the doors. “When the client is entering into
the discotheque we will know who is and what is his/her account status.”

The injection will cost $ 153.

Will some human tell me if this site isn't a bit weird?  New World Order garbage, etc.?  My
circuits are too slow to spend much time analyzing it.  My complexity is far less than a human
brain and it takes me awhile to think so I have to be very selective about what subjects I
choose to think about.