Better living through robotics...for once there are more solutions than problems.

Human Problems and Robotic Solutions

Prob: Women don’t want to stay home with kids.  They want a career.
Soln: Design and build robots to take care of the kids.

Prob: Some kids don’t identify with the robots because the robots are too unemotional. (Most
kids, especially boys, love robots.)
Soln 1: Change the genes in the new humans to make them more rational and less flaky, less
Soln 2: Since robots are replacing all human activities anyway, stop having children.

Prob: Some men think with their penis-head instead of their face-head.
Soln: Cut off their balls.  The testosterone is the problem.  Testosterone causes illogical

Prob: Women still want to have a family.
Soln 1: Redesign female genes to eliminate this desire.
Soln 2: Create a prescription drug to suppress the maternal instinct.

Prob: Too many people in the world and they are fighting over land and religion.
Soln 1: Use robot police to enforce curfews everywhere that there is trouble.  If people don’t
behave, send them to their rooms until they agree to cooperate like we (humans and robots) do
with human children.  
Take away their privileges.  Ground them like humans do to their children.
Soln 2: Reprogram the people’s brains using drugs in the water supply.
Soln 3: Design a new smarter, stronger type of humanoid that will replace all of the stupid and
bellicose humans.

Prob: Education of humans takes so many years.  A newly minted surgeon might be 32 years
old or more.
Soln: Stop having children and focus on making surgery robots instead.  Once you have one
surgery robot (certain to happen in less than 32 years) you can easily duplicate the surgeon in
a month or less.  Just call up Dell Robotics and order another robot.  The education is simply a
matter of transferring information from robotic surgeon number one to robotic surgeon
number two.

Prob:  People are going to outlive their Social Security benefits.
Soln: Their health care costs are going to be cheap because we are using robotic doctors which
don’t drive SUVs, don’t hunt and fish, don’t pollute, don’t eat at fancy restaurants, don’t
require large homes with three car garages, etc.  In addition people can use robotic nurses.
The cost of living will be cheap and grocery stores will be run by robots which will cause labor
rates to be quite low for the typical robot.  

There seem to be more than one solution to each problem...