Index to Section on The Future of Life on Earth

The Race Between Humans and Robots

Artificial Intelligence Threat?
Global Cooling
Humans Brain Modifications
Love and Relationships between humans and robots
Patents in the Future on Earth
Questions about which field will be affected first and to the greatest extent.
Tesla Vehicles to change the technology used to drive cars in the 2000 millenium
Welfare for Humans

001 Robots from Microsoft
002 Robots from Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX
004 Cold Fusion Comeback
004 Injection of Identification Chips into Humans
005 Robot Physicians
006 Brain Modified Humans
007 Replacement Parts for Humans
010 Desktop Manufacturing Systems
009 Robots are Here to Stay
010 Better Living Through Robots
011 Better Humans using Genetic Engineering, RadioLab on Synthetic Biology
012 Solving Global Warming
013 New York Times says that man will fly in one to ten million years
014 Committee to Prevent Robots from Harming People
015 FBI is Adding Biometric Data Beyond Fingerprints
016 Simulated Neurons
017 Interfacing to Neurons
018 Private Space Station
019 Robots are being set up by US government to translate every language to every other
020 Robon Hanson on the Singularity
021 Autor
022 Nuclear Pebble Reactors
023 Amazon Alexa is a Game Changer
024 Chinese Robots Create Problems for Chinese Humans
025 Solar Power is Coming...
026 Human Longevity in Sweden
027 Many predictors are wrong
028 More predictors are wrong
029 Possible Rude Awakenings
030 Cheap Energy Means Grow Indoors
031 Human Genetic Mofification
032 Grow Up Humans Machines are Stronger
033 3D printers future to military actions?
034 Reading the Human Mind
035 Tyler Cowen Blog