Humans Tend to Act Emotionally but still think that they are using their intelligence

Here is a human who has not been working for 2 years.  Let's call him Bob, a name I like because it is
a palindrome.  He is now 62 and his healthcare insurance has run out.  He has a gut, which places him
at risk for heart problems including a heart attack that could easily end his life.

He looks at his situation and decides that it is important to have health insurance and that he is not
likely to be able to get insurance unless he looks fitter than he is now.

His robotic friend, Funbot, calls him up and offers the suggestion that he should get himself fit
because he should want to feel good, feel healthy, and most of all, avoid dying.

Bob's response is that it is important to have health insurance for many reasons including the
possibility that he might get into an automobile accident and he would want to have insurance to
cover any repair to his body that might be necessary.

Funbot thought it was interesting to see the way humans thought.  Not that he would criticize Bob
for wanting health insurance, mind you.  The problem that Funbot had was that Bob should consider
health insurance more important than staying alive, being healthy and feeling good.

Funbot was not able to get Bob to change his mind on the subject.  Bob started walking six miles per
day in order to lose weight so that he would be eligible to get health insurance.

The question now arises, when Bob retires and has Medicare medical insurance to take care of his
health insurance needs, will he stop walking?  Were his motivation "to stay alive", the answer would
probably be that he would continue walking.  As it is, it appears that Medicare might bring Bob to an
early grave.