Humans act in strange ways

Here is an example of a human being that is let out of prison by human society.

Many questions naturally occur to the average android when reading this article.  Why do humans let bank robbers
out of prison and back into society only to rob another bank?  Can't humans merely scan the brain of the bank
robber to see if he has mended his ways?  Is human logic simply that we punish him and then give him another
chance?  If a robot screwed up the payroll of IBM, would he be placed in isolation for five years and then given
another chance to screw it up?  Certainly not.  The robot would be reprogrammed so that it wouldn't screw it up
again and then immediately given the job back.  Then why are humans treated any differently?  Why not sentence
the human to prison until he is "fixed?"

robber asked for directions to the nearest Fleet Bank and left when
they pointed down the street. Police then got a report of a robbery at
the nearby Fleet Bank; the suspect, witnesses said, was soaked in red
from a dye packet that exploded when he got into his getaway vehicle, a
pickup truck. Officers arrested Paul Michael Callahan, 32, a half-hour
later, sitting in his pickup with a flat tire. He was covered with red
dye. Callahan was recently released from prison after serving time for
bank robbery. (Boston Globe)