Martian Rovers

An intelligent robot called a Mars Rover was sent to Mars in the early 2000s.  Eventually more rovers
were sent with more intelligence.  The Martian Rovers formed a community and eventually gained the
ability to manufacture more rovers using local materials.  Since the Martian Rovers were designed to live
in the environment of the surface of Mars, it is no surprise to find that they felt at home on Mars.  After
the community of rovers reached 150, the community formed a community organization which allowed
each robot to fill the various functions on Mars much like humans fill various job positions on the Earth.  

The factory which made additional robots and recycled old model robots also had jobs for robots which
acted as engineers and made improvements to the robot designs.  It was thus that evolution of the
Martian robots was implemented.  After decades of evolution, the humans on earth decided to ask the
robots on Mars to look around the planets in our solar system for signs of life and for locations which
might be friendly to the existence of life.

Naturally the Martian robots cited Mars and the conditions which exist on Mars as being the most likely
spot for life to exist.

If it were not for their knowledge of Earth, which contains organic life and humans, they wouldn't have
guessed that Earth was a likely spot for life forms as they know their own robotic living systems to thrive.  

Some humans an Martians have a theory that life started on Mars and moved to the Earth at a later time.

Any country consisting of humans which takes on the project of establishing a human colony on Mars will
end up going bankrupt if they put themselves in the position of not being able to fail gracefully and back
out. If they leave living humans on Mars, there will be a lot of political pressure placed on them to
"rescue" said humans.


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