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Janus, Chapter 1
Janus, Chapter 2
Janus, Chapter 3
Janus, Chapter 4
Janus, Chapter 5
Janus, Chapter 6
Janus, Chapter 7

Martian Robots look for life

Kardeshev Societies
Maggie Mae 101
Maggie Mae 102
Maggie Mae 103
Maggie Mae 104
Miscellaneous Stories 105
106 Group of Guys with Heart problems
107 Home Schooling in an age of Robots
108 Maggie Mae Relating
109 Maggie Mae Relating
110 Maggie Mae Technology
111 Maggie Mae Outlooks
112 Maggie Mae Financial
113 Maggie Mae Uploading Discussed
114 Maggie Mae Human Scum
115 Maggie Mae and Joe Discuss Self Actualization
116 Joe and Neighbor Discuss Remote Cancer Pill
117 Joe and Mary Discuss Aliens and Wisdom
118 Mitch Tells Paul Battery power not feasible
119 Jim the Neighbot Choose DNA
120 Parent Contributor Kids Cheating with Cell phone
121 False Memory Case Drags on for 15 years
122 Government Backs Robots
123 Human Doctor Sues to Bar Watson from practicing medicine
130 Feather bedding sex robots
131 Feather bedding Sex robots
132 Government Backs Robots
133 Naive Views of Life. Robot denial
150 Lane and Jane Differ on Homeopathy, Global Warming and Religion
160 Lane and Jane discuss being a bastard
170 Lane and Jane try again to talk about Lane being a bastard
180 Bernanke Argues Quantative Easing Dialogue version
190 Bernanke Argues Quantative Easing Longer Dialogue version
200 Bernanke Argues Quantative Easing Dialogue with Added Robot Sequence
210 Robots Are Coming, Why Don't People Care dialogue version
220 Disguised Al Gore Interviews 150 year-old Woman
230 New Technology Sounds Strange to Grandma
240 Life After Death
250 Why Bother Replanting, Americans will pay us
270 Life After Dinosaurs
940 Husband and Wife differ in philosophy
941 Husband and Wife, dialogue edition