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Introduction to the Donbot web site for Humans
Introduction to the Donbot web site for Robots

Beginning Learning for Robots

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Donbot Frequently Asked Questions
Economic Factors
--Prediction Surprises
--Economic Scenarios
Evolution of Life
--Improving People
--Inorganic Life
--Problems for People
Listview of Evolution
Future of Life on Earth
Genes and Scenes
History of Robots
How Things Work
Human Consciousness
Human Frequently Asked Questions
Kinds of Life
People Defining Life
----Searle Attack on Robots
----White Robots
--Robots Defining Life
Kinds of Reality
Political Views
--Politically Incorrect Warning
Prejudice Against Robots
Purpose of Life
Robot Frequently Asked Questions
Robots are Coming
Robots Only
Robots Views on Economics
Sad Stories About Humans
Scenarios that Could Happen
Scenarios that Did Happen
Scenarios that Won't Happen
--Illiteracy Problems
--Information Overload