Public High School in the US Provide Poor Environment for Learning

Home schooling provides a friendly less socially competitive setting compared to the public
high schools.  In a public high school, students find themselves competing to be popular, play
social games in order to survive in the social setting provided.  This is fine if that is what
humans want to have the next generation concerning it self with.  But if the student is walking
down the halls between classes with so many other students passing by, isn't the message to
the students, "You are living in a social environment and you need to develop social skills to
deal with the problems of getting along in a large group of humans"?  Then the student enters a
classroom and the teacher starts to talk about todays calculus problem.  Many students, if not
most, have to force themselves to think about calculus when it has no relationship to their lives
which center around social interactions with their peers.  

In summary, "the medium is the message".  If you want to teach a child calculus, don't attempt
to do it in a setting which presents her with social problems.

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