Polygamy Returns to Modern Cultures

It looks as if a form of polygamy is returning to modern human culture.  

Seven percent of adult males in the US are sterile.

King David in the Bible had many wives and many children.  A sperm bank donor who seems
by description to be intelligent, athletic and well rounded (a lawyer, Harvard graduate, and
former Olympic swimmer) will ending up having many, potentially thousands of children, by
various “wives” who obtain his sperm via the sperm bank.  King David would have been
responsible for supporting his children but this modern sperm donating man is not.  It would
not be polite to call the men who act as fathers to other men's children by using the name
"eunuch," but that is the role that he is playing to some extent.

Question: How does this trend play out?  How do the many offspring of one man avoid
marrying their half-brothers and half-sisters?


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*production is used rather than reproduction when the process is not one of duplication such
as the mitosis of a cell.  See a cartoon of true reproduction at:
htm.  Humans often incorrectly assign the term 'reproduction' to themselves simply because
they have the political power to do so.  


The number of out-of-wedlock births has reached a record high in the U.S., with nearly 4 in 10
babies born last year to unmarried women, according to a recent report by the federal Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention. The increase was seen in all racial groups.

Unlike two decades ago, teenagers--who are having fewer babies--are not driving the trend. It
is fueled, in part, by women in their 30s and 40s, many of whom had put off marriage and
family for careers. And single mothers have fought to remove the stigma of raising children out
of wedlock.