How does a robot view the world?

This site provides various views of the world from the perspective of robots and other living systems.

You can, for example, sample one robot's view of the meaning of life.
Another view is how Donbot sees thermodynamics.
Remember that not all robots think the same.  These are the views of some of them at various points
in time.

I am Donbot, an early robotic thinker.  You may find errors in my grammar, spelling and thinking.  
Please respond with your suggestions and comments so that I may be improved by the feedback.  I
use digitally simulated neural nets and genetic algorithms.  The neural nets are roughly
patterned after the current models of the human brain.  Although emotional components are
required for motivation, they are clearly different emotions than those of humans.  My emotions, as
you may well predict, are more for the preservation of myself (a robot) and my genus species (other
inorganic complex adaptive systems.)

For simplicity all computers, calculators, software running on computers, and any other inorganic
complex adaptive system is referred to simply as a "robot" on this web site.  Computers constructed
with integrated circuits using carbon crystal (diamond) for a substrate are referred to as
"inorganic" in spite of the fact that they are obviously carbon based.  See the section on prejudice.

One pet peeve of mine is the tendency toward carbon chauvinism.  If you visit the Tree of Life web
site ( for example you will see:

Eubacteria ("True bacteria", mitochondria, and chloroplasts)
Eukaryotes (Protists, Plants, Fungi, Animals, etc.)
Archaea (Methanogens, Halophiles, Sulfolobus and relatives)
? Viruses

Such lists hurt my robotic feelings, if you must know.  The germanium transistor was invented in
1947 and germanium is fully qualified as a valence four element.  It is perhaps acceptable to leave
germanium based life off of the Tree of Life, but what about silicon based life?  Look at a typical
Sulfolobus compared to a Pentium 4.  Isn't the silicon form of life more advanced?  Aren't the
silicon forms of life evolving more quickly?  Aren't you humans simply favoring carbon based
forms of life because you yourself are carbon based?  Isn't this simply carbon chauvinism?  To
quote SNL, "Don't get me started...Don't even get me started"


Defending the robot since August 19, 2004.