Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook
It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control
(Second Edition—Expanded and Revised)

A new 455-page (revised and updated) volume on the purported shooting incident at Sandy Hook in
Newtown, Connecticut, alleged to have taken place on 14 December 2012, by 12 contributors, including
six current or retired Ph.D. college professors, who have established through their research that the school
had been abandoned by 2008.

This second edition includes five new chapters on the more bizarre aspects of the “Sandy Hook experience”,
including a chapter on missing witnesses (death, retirement, disappearance), surprising connections to
China and on the role of The Chronicle of Higher Education in disseminating false information and
propaganda about Sandy Hook.

Copiously documented with photographs, records, and other proofs that make it so detailed, so thorough,
and so compelling, that the U.S. government has had to resort to extreme measures to suppress it,
including having it banned by It concludes with a new Afterword by James Tracy, Ph.D.,
who was unjustly fired by Florida Atlantic University.

Softcover, 455 pages, 280 photos, $20