Danger of our being a simulation

If such a situation were to apply to humans on earth, we could detect it by obtaining subatomic data and
finding that such particles did not act in an analog manner but were instead under the laws of a digital
format.  Such a digital format is called Quantum Mechanics.

TEDx talk attempting to prove we are very likely a simulation:

What if our reality were a computer simulation: Edeline D'Souza at TEDxYouth@Winchester

Published on Feb 6, 2013
What if our reality were a computer simulation? Once we discover that, can we hack into the programme of
existence? Can we stop ourselves from being shut down? Edeline discusses the possibility of our reality
being nothing more than coded information.

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1. Images are made of pixels.  Once you get to the level of the pixel, you gain nothing more by going further.  
Once you get to a Planck's length, further focusing doesn't yield any more information.

2. Uncertainty principle.  Things are placed in an uncertain manner and are not known to be at a definite
location until measured.

3. Very cold temperatures yield no motion.  

4. We exist as information.  Matter and energy are secondary manifestations of the real thing, which is

The result is that we can be certain that we are living in a computer simulation.