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Ptolemaic solar system vs Copernican
Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model
of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at its center.

John Coleman was Weatherman on Channel 7 ABC in Chicago for maybe 30 years or so.
Then he founded the Weather Channel.
Recently he has noted that it appears that we are headed for a new Ice Age and that the CO2
emissions won't be enough to stop it from happening.

Cold Fusion was rejected by a Oil loving President who assigned Hot Fusion loving physicists to
decide if it was feasible.  Naturally since they were about to ask congress for billions more to work
on their hot fusion, they were biased toward declaring cold fusion unworkable.

Cold Fusion is like early Copernican solar system theory.

other thing that we try to cover in these broadcasts is what's happening
with technology and that's why we have a mr. robert george from bro in energy
talking to us because its technology that is also disrupting our lives we see
a familiar pattern with history but that pattern can be broken in a very
disruptive way when we have certain types of technology coming in and just
to give you an idea what's going on he sent us the Defense Intelligence Agency
analysis and unclassified analogous analysis couple years ago of where le NR
is low energy nuclear reactions and what they said was this is the DIA
he said it can produce nuclear origin energy at room temperatures and this
disruptive technology could revolutionize energy production and
storage this nuclear reactions release millions of times more energy per unit
mass than any other known chemical fuel for example and they give this in there
closing argument they say nuclear fusion releases 10 million times more energy
per unit mass and does liquid transportation fuels in other words
gasoline or jet fuel or something like that and they say because this is a US
government the military looking at this sets the US military is the largest user
of liquid fuel for transportation litter power sources could produce the greatest
transformation of the battlefield for US forces sets the transition from
horsepower to gasoline power
so this is an incredibly transforming technology
if it comes true i want to talk to mr. George about the history of this because
it's something we've seen talked about for quite some time thank you for
joining us

Robert George thank you for having me
let's talk a little bit about the history here because a lot of people
have heard about cold fusion and I guess we could say it's kind of become the
Rodney Dangerfield of physics it gets no respect okay because when it first came
out in 1989 you had this chemical reaction they didn't know what was
happening with it there was some unexplained effects
so the big issue was was a chemical or was that nuclear they had no theory to
explain it so they basically have been having this argument for quite some time
give us a little bit of the history of this that people understand how this is
developed over the last 30 so 30 some odd years and where we are today
absolutely ready when pons and Fleischmann first introduced it is 89
I the Department of Energy was about to release eight hundred million dollars
and for fusion energy research and they decided to hold it up because cold
fusion which was a misnomer at the time was introduced and they said will you
need to investigate this before we release the money to find out if it is
it's legitimate
and the ones they asked to evaluate where MIT and Caltech and Texas A&M to
verify or validate the technology and because people were hot fusion advocates
that they had different technology competing technologies that they want to
go out get the monies or they they did they are they were all hot fusion
physicists that were waiting for their budgets to be approved
ma MIT was one of the very end at universities that discredit it
they got caught later for downshifting the data because they did see excess
heat and it was there was a lawsuit resulting in there a falsification of
the information and they lost but they don't bring that to the for today we're
talking about hot fusion versus cold fusion and going back again
you know 30 some odd years ago we're talking about fusion with cold fusion
fusion occurring at room temperature versus massive amounts of energy having
to be put in with hot fusion which is has not worked yet because they have
been able to get something that has a net increase in production of energy
they basically can't recoup what they have to put in it to get hot
so you're talking about a situation that were fusion is occurring at room
temperature is what people are looking at are now they're calling it a low
energy nuclear reaction what has happened in the intervening years that
show that it's not just excess heat but there's other things that have come out
that let them give a hint that there's really fusion going on here
well since 1989 there have been inspired us all over the world that have been
testing and working on on this phenomenon
the most recent ones are the NASA the spot where screw down in San Diego and
they got 30 times excess heat out of their unit
you know the energetics technology that came out of Israel and is now at the
University of Missouri they also were verified getting 30 times excess heat
most of the people they were discrediting the field were saying well
it's a hybrid chemical reaction
and you know the proof was was lacking to verify that this was actually a
nuclear reaction and we've taken samples out of our boiler and send it down to
Los Alamos and had a scientist down there verify that it actually is a
nuclear reaction and unlike the uranium nuclear reactions
there are no hazardous buy products and byproducts of exciting hydrogen which is
the fuel is basically heat and helium and we've had a silicon valley
scientists from some of the major companies here in the valley as well as
the people from the naval research lab in Washington come out with the
radiation detectors to to verify if there's any harmful radiation coming
from our system
tell me what you're looking at is essentially you're looking at the
transmutation of hydrogen with a in product of helium and so because you
have that that process where it goes from deterioratin to tritium you can
that only happens if it's a nuclear reaction that's going on there and then
that tram quickly decays into a helium by product which is not a dangerous
thing going on there but they can see two things they can see nuclear
activities going on they can see that there's a transmutation of elements
which shows that there is something going on there that is nuclear is that
that's absolutely correct and the interesting thing is that the the
Trillium is basically part of the fuel cycle and if you're generating excess
heat and you don't build up the amount of tritium in the system and in fact
that's how we met the site is down a los alamos they had looked at our website
and then look at our powerpoint and in our patents and and basically we're
trying to replicate it and then they were getting tridion but they weren't
getting excess heat and they ask for what they were doing wrong and in our
chief scientist na the inventor and founder robert goddess basically went
through the process they were using and showed him how to get excess heat out of
the process
now we're talking about the excess heat and of course that that's the key thing
for power generation I mean most of you know we look at a nuclear power plant
and as Einstein said that are one of the nuclear physicist said that's a heck of
a way to boil water but I mean vessel you generate power right you create
you you burn some kind of a fossil fuel or you burn wood or you create a nuclear
reaction and then that creates heat that then create steam and drives turbines
and so forth and so on that's what you generate power
so when we're looking at the creation of heat that's very important thing you're
talking about uh a piece of equipment that had to say
30 times increase in heat it seems to me whether or not that is fusion or not
that would be something somebody would want to continue with the technology and
develop that to me it doesn't really matter whether its chemical or whether
it is a fusion or nuclear reaction i would still want to try to enhance that
and and make that work
since the university is discredited since 89
it's been a political suicide or academic suicide to even work on it in
the university's most of the last three years we've tried to get the National
Labs to do material analysis for us and isotopic analysis on our course just to
verify what the systems are actually occurring in in there we were willing to
pay them for and their response has been this is too controversial we can't work
on it
that's amazing that but you know this is not something that we haven't seen in
other fields as well you have a vested interest whether it's in drugs or
whether it's in particular types of food or whether it's an energy you have the
vested interests that are there and they don't want to run the studies to show
that some alternative the would be cheaper more economical more
environmentally friendly they essentially shut that down and not only
do they not funded but they demonize it they ridicule that they do everything
they can to censor it and and that's essentially what we're seeing here with
low energy nuclear reactions isn't it
yes this country actually shipped us off a lot of the petroleum usage from cars
to airplanes to diesel trucks and buses
it's great very dramatic we have two products currently one that would be
suitable for home heating which operates at about 80 degrees
- 850 degrees C or domestic hot water and then we have another one that's a
gas phase system that operates at 600 degrees C that's suitable for generating
electricity and could reap our coal fire power power plants and so those are the
systems is this where you are right now in terms of of your state-of-the-art so
you've got essentially something that could replace a water heater as well as
something else that could generate electricity and what are the inputs to
your systems basically the thing that's been missing from the field all these
years as a control system ever been scientists all over the world that are
getting this excess heat as i mentioned earlier the spy Wars people the NASA
the problem has been being able to start the reaction when you wanted to and be
able to start it
stop it when you need to and Robert goddess developed is an electrical
engineer a multi-discipline engineer and developed a control system we call the
cue balls that actually if for the home heating system for example when you turn
up the thermostat you want the heat to come on immediately and so our reaction
starts immediately and it when you turn off the queue polls it immediately
stopped so there's no chance of the system running away and and if it runs
away it just it's just hot water so it doesn't really matter
so this is something we're likely to see some time in the in the near future and
I'm thinking about You mr. fusion machine like we saw in the DeLorean in
Back to the Future are we going to be we take this and a nice contain rising or
you still trying to get financial banking to do this and trying to fight
the censorship and the prejudice and the scientific community against this to you
get that the whole vehicle
all of the above we raised about 13 million dollars over the last 10 years
to develop the systems we have a system operating other scientists at sra
international because of the controversial e in the field we wanted
independence diet is verifying our results in our system
hands off from us and that's been going very well and as a result of our work
although we've had very little interest in the United States the defense
authorization act is just recently added le NR to their bill we've licensed a
south korean firm a manufacturer multimillion-dollar license to start
manufacturing and distributing it in south korea we have a license in Canada
as well but there's been very little interest or support in the United States
and this is where we need it the most and quite frankly i think a lot of that
is is due to politics I mean we look at how deeply embedded the oil business is
in terms of the banking business you know we've got the petro dollar that was
created as they took us off the gold standard they created a fiat currency
with cooperation of Saudi Arabia and it's having the ability to print that
money without anything behind it and then use that as the the medium of
exchange for all the oil that has really been a the bedrock of our financial
system here in America is a petro dollar so there has to be a tremendous amount
of political pressure not to do that and yet on the other hand this is such a
disruptive technology and there's every other country essentially is working
with this we've got does this document that you gave me that is six years old
from the Defense Intelligence Agency
they point out how is Japan Italy or are pretty far along in research of course
China Russia India all these countries France as well
they're all have their own research project so in that sense you have to
move forward with doing the research or you get left behind
yes we've been very fortunate to have angel investors that if have come in and
supporting with the company
the technology is destructive as you said and the carbon
based industry is so well entrenched that it's difficult for them to look at
this kind of technology is something that's going to be useful and necessary
most people confuse what we're doing out with the hydrogen and water is using it
as a fuel is a combustible fuel but hydrogen is a nuclear fuel has so much
higher energy density as an example if you take the volume of water contained
in the in the area of a number three pencil eraser and just take the hydrogen
out of that volume of water
it's equivalent to 238 gallon barrels of gasoline
that's the energy density that we're talking about well so so the boiler that
we have dealt with developed for the home heating system which is a two liter
vessel as one liter of water and with electrolyte and that amount of water is
capable of heating your home for for 10-15 years
wow that is amazing and and of course that that's an idea of just how
disruptive this is that Gore's a lot of people's cash cows when you do that it
that it would be very technology and we we seem to have a history in this
country of technologies that that free s technologies that are clean being shut
down and and that's the amazing thing about this
it really is and this will be the first time you could have a home heating
system that you can actually calculate your return on investment because you
all you'll need is electricity to stimulate the reaction
let me let me get some idea about how far away you are with us now
this is a it is this something that you know you have working model that that
you've got here
you're looking for investors to try to market this is is that what the the
issue is here you've already got some set of products you've got the what was
it called the wet with water as well as a hydrogen hot to both of the two
products that you just described earlier
you know those ready to go to market
I will tell you is or when you come back we got to go to a break and we're gonna
be right back we're talking to Robert George he's with bro in Energy
Corporation and it's a company that is looking at low energy nuclear reactions
and they have a couple of systems here as he pointed out just a little bit of
water power your house for years okay this is amazingly disruptive technology
if we don't do it in America somebody else will but there's a lot of political
what can I do like John and I were talking to a gentleman with bro in
energy corporation about his company's efforts to create cold fusion has been
known in the past what is referring to today low energy nuclear reactions
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you'll find that all that info wars I want to go back to mr.
Robert George with bro in energy
you know mr. George when i'm looking at things like the the issues that we've
been seeing with Tesla they just had their corporate sales come out they have
been in operation for 13 years they have lost money every quarter except one
that's not really a good record and yet their stock as x factor of 12
they keep passing this on there under investigation by the SEC at the current
time but nevertheless I see these large corporations like Tesla like <operand>
twenty </operand> is <operand> twenty </operand> is going to be part of the
disruptive technologies that are going to hand over control of our
transportation to the government where they can tax and track us it will also
make it difficult for us to afford transportation so when we look at things
that line up with the political agenda of the establishment
we see these people kind of get everything that the the the way is is
cleared for them
Wall Street helps them the government helps them to take down obstacles and
yet we look at something like this that is very disruptive as you're saying in
the last segment was it does as some water that's about the size of a pencil
combined with your device would power your home's energy needs for about 10 or
15 years that's an amazingly transformative and freeing technology
its but it's difficult for you to get this out into the marketplace because
Wall Street has some vested interest in the existing energy infrastructure is no
they absolutely we took at the wall street
they looked at the upside potential of this kind of technology and said it's
worth trillions
you're only trying to raise 15 to 20 million dollars it makes no sense we
can't do that you can't go big
yeah well that's certainly what we've seen with uber and Tesla you got to be a
we got to be out there and kind of brash i guess to get their attention but you
also have to be politically connected
maybe you should do some crowdsourcing or take this on shark tank or something
like that
I certainly wish you luck with this and thank you so much for talking to us
about it
we hope that this is going to be something that is going to free us with
technology because too often we see technology being used to suppress our
freedoms that something would have a very freeing effect i believe that's it
for today's broadcast join us tonight at seven central a PM eastern for the
infowars nightly new