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NCE Planning Coupe and Two-Door Convertible Tesla Model S

It isn’t yet known of NCE will simply convert Model Ss into convertibles or if it will buy 100 examples
from Tesla themselves and then begin the conversions.

Not too long ago, Newport Convertible Engineering revealed that it was working on a convertible
variant of the Model S. That’s not all however as NCE said it had asked for a collaboration with
Tesla Motors itself to build 5000 Model S Convertibles for the global market. Now the convertible
experts, who have chopped the roofs of some of the world’s most recognisable hardtops, has
announced it is working on a two-door Model S convertible as well as a two-door Model S coupe.

According to NCE, a Chinese investor has ordered 100 examples of the proposed two-door Model
S convertible and coupe. Furthermore, the company wants to make in total, 600 examples of the
two new variations. Production will reportedly begin at the end of 2014 at NCE’s headquarters in
California as well as separate production facilities in Dubai and Barcelona.

Newport Convertible Engineering is planning to charge $25,000 for the two-door convertible
version while the coupe variant should cost from $35,000. No images of the two new proposed
models have been released yet but the company will need just a couple examples to convince
existing Model S customers of the design and practicality.

While NCE did try and reach an agreement with Tesla to supply 5000 cars, no agreement was
made. Consequently, NCE is relying on existing and future Model S owners to head in for the

When we look at it, the last thing we think about is wanting a convertible version of the Tesla
Model S. After all, how many convertible sedans are out there. Nevertheless, Newport Convertible
Engineering reports that it has received 100 orders for Model Ss to have their roofs cut off.
Amazingly, all 100 orders have come from a single Chinese investor.

Newport Convertible Engineering claims that it took six months to develop the convertible Tesla
Model S and plans on putting it into production in July this year. It will be made in California, Dubai
and Barcelona. Interestingly, it isn’t yet known of NCE will simply convert Model Ss from these
regions into convertibles or if it will buy 100 examples from Tesla themselves and then begin the

However, NCE has confirmed that it is looking for Tesla Motors to join it in creating 5,000 Tesla
Model S Convertibles “for a worldwide demand”. A complete announcement is set for April 18th.

Newport Convertible Engineering will offer two convertible variants of the Model S. The first, set to
cost around $29,000 will feature a traditional soft top while a hardtop convertible variant will also
be made available for $49,000.

It is unclear if Newport Convertible Engineering has actually created any Model S Convertibles just
yet but expect to see the first in coming months!

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email to them:  
How much of the body do you have to create from scratch?  If I purchased a Tesla Model S with
damage to the body, could you convert that?  
I own a Tesla Model S and would like to own a Tesla Model S convertible as well.

Actual final version is not nearly as good looking.