Generator Day is September 27, 2014

This generator goes on
a farm tractor which has
a power output from its engine
for such functions.

Christopher, Tony's son
explained to me that pigs cannot
stand power outages of any
great length so a generator
is needed.

He is constructing areas where
sows give birth and suckle their
piglets.  Apparently you cannot
put a sow who has been weakened
by suckling back into a pen where
the sows are stronger because they
will crush her.

This shows it in my truck
ready to go to Bristol Wisconsin
where Tony Kordecki's son
Christopher will use
in on his pig farm.

Here is a 22 KWatt generator
which runs at slow speeds so
as not to make much noise.
At the slower speeds, it is designed
to be water cooled.  It is just
like an internal combustion engine
used in cars except it is modified
to burn Natural Gas instead.

These are the workers who will
install the natural gas lines as
well as the electrical lines to
go to the transfer switch which
will be in the basement next to
the circuit breaker box.
22 Kw should do the whole home
because we have gas stoves and
clothes dryers.

This is the frame for the concrete
pad on which the generator will

This is Jim digging the area out
where the pad will sit.

Perry on the right is installing
the electric wiring.

Tony and Jim digging out pad.

Here is the concrete on a trailer
pulled by our 4-wheel All Terrain
Vehicle (ATV).

The stone base material for the pad
is in the wheelbarrow to the right
The hose is to add water to the

Coming back in the afternoon
the concrete is all poured and
will set this week.

The transfer switch is installed
next to the circuit breaker box
in the basement.

Conduit has been run and most
of the wires pulled.

Another crew is working on
rehabilitating the furnace/AC
because it wasn't sized correctly
for the returns.  When it is done
there will effectively be zone
heating to the home even though
there is only one heater.

More AC torn down.

Thus was one day at the Martin residences.  Sorry I didn't take any pictures of Tony's farm
with the cows and pigs and farm equipment being reconstructed.