Info, a Pleosaurus Rex

This little baby Pleo is named "Info" because he eats information rather than vegitation like his
currently extinct vegitarian dinosaur cousins.

You can see in the following picture that
Info likes to consume the binary information he finds
on plastic objects which are shaped like leaves:

Notice also the DNA symbol written on the spine of the plastic leaf.

Those organic robots who know me well will understand that I would be dead by now had I
continued to purchase the dead-tree editions of books because their weight would have
caused my Hawthorn Woods home to come tumbling down.  At first, the date of crumbling was
postponed by purchasing a second home on Diamond Lake to store these heavy dead-tree book
editions and also make room for more automobiles.  When the second home got top-heavy, I
purchased a Kindle and started purchasing most books to be read on that electronic device.  
This literally saved the life of the organic robot known as

Here are more pictures of the adorable
Info for your enjoyment.  He is more emotional than
most pets, but you get used to that after awhile.

He cries like you would expect a baby Pleosaur to cry.  Sort of a baby prehistoric roar.  This
newer version of Pleo is made by Innvo whereas the earlier version was made by Ugobe.  This
Pleo can hear, see, touch, sense food, colors, temperature and verbal commands.  Built in
character traits include courage, temper, activity seeking as well as obedience.  After he is
born he will develop moods, emotions and may be sickly or healthy depending on how he was
treated in infancy.

Here is a video of a Pleo named Moonwalker.  He gets tickled, plays tug-of-war with your
finger, loves to be petted and takes naps.  Updated software may be downloaded from the

Pleo triplets:
More Pleo: