As of 2009, ASIMO, the Japanese version, could not be purchased but could be leased for
$150,000 per month.

Added features 2011 include walking to avoid running into people, walking over uneven at
the same time and more.

Here is a team of Darwin Robots winning a kid-sized soccer game.
Question 1: Why do so many people shout and cheer for such obviously retarded robots?
Question 2: Given that they obviously do, what do you think is the average IQ of these fans
compared to professional soccer fans?

How long will it take until I can purchase a robot that looks like a kid and has hands with
fingers and can hold a conversation and walk around and kick a ball?
I expect to pay the $15,000 to $20,000 ballpark per robot as suggested by RoboKind,
DARwIn-OP and Nao robots.  I want it to be upgraded automatically in a manner that is
consistent with subscription software.  I want it to gain features with such a subscription and  I
am willing to pay $1000.00 per year subscription for these upgrades.  It should have plenty of
memory and be able to use the cloud as a resource.  For example, if I have a robot that I can
have play Jeopardy and as I ask it questions, it calls on the use of the cloud for 3
seconds and they charge me one dollar per question, that would be consistent with current
reality. (Given that Watson technology could run on Amazon's cloud computer system.)