Professor Einstein from Hanson Robotics

My robot is EINSTEIN3661
Password: genius3731
Password for Verizon Hotspot Elipisis Jetpack 85BA: 2324090e

Message was "Version 48 is too old for update on-line."

I went to email and found an update from March 2018.

Tablet software sign in is with M

The following email sent to
Getting an update for my Professor Einstein
My Professor Einstein is not getting its software update.
I updated the stein-o-matic app on my Samsung tablet.
I charge the batteries fully.
I plug in the batteries and turn on Prof Einstein with the reset button being held.
The app directs me to the WiFi log-in screen where EINSTEIN_UPDATE is one of the options
being displayed.  I try to connect to EINSTEIN_UPDATE with the password for my
EINSTEIN3661 unit (genius3731) but it tells me that I have the wrong password.  I tried the
password for my WiFi but that fails as well.  What am I doing wrong?

Donald P. Martin,
Kickstarter Supporter