Results from Other Experiments

The Rossi Hot-Cat was tested in Lugano and some of the before and after reactants were tested in

The elemental analysis of the fuel composition before and after the operation in the Rossi reactor was
made by the ICP-AES method in Uppsala University, Sweden.

Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry is called TOF-SIMS Analysis.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry or ICP-MS is an analytical technique used for elemental

Study of the isotopic composition of the fuel was done by two methods.  Analysis using the TOF-SIMS
method was done by the University Of Högskolan Dalarna (Sweden). Analysis using the ICP-MS
method was performed at Uppsala University (Sweden) – see Table II.

Table II

Isotopic Composition E-cat

               Original Fuel               After operation fuel          Nature
                TOF      MS                TOF           MS
6Li                8.6%   5.9%                92.1%        57.5%                 7.5%
7Li                91.4%  94.1%                7.9%       42.5%                92.5%
58Ni             67%     65.9%                0.8%        0.3%                 68.1%
60Ni             26.3%  27.6%                 0.5%       0.3%                 26.2%
61Ni               1.9%   1.3%                 0.0%        0.0%                  1.8%
62Ni               3.9%   4.2%                98.7%      99.3%                 3.6%
64Ni               1%                               0%                                   0.9%

These results enabled us to arrive at the following conclusions:
7Lithium goes to 6Li and Ni goes to 62Ni.

The ratio of lithium and nickel isotopes in the original fuel is virtually identical to the ratio in nature.
In the fuel after operation, the relative 6Li concentration substantially increased and the 7Li
concentration decreased.
In the fuel after operation, the content of nickel isotopes reduced very much, except 62Ni. The content
of this isotope increased from 3.6% to 99%.
ToF-SIMS analysis showed the presence of protium, but did not notice the presence of deuterium.
Rossi's patent states that Lithium is the reactant and Nickel is the catalyst.  Oops.
Lugano Report: