Three-Phase Sine Wave Generator Possibilities

When you copy someone's culinary art, it is often necessary to pay careful attention to every detail.  
Certainly, you are never to change the original recipe unless you find that your changes leave the final
product the same or better.

A trade secret is often a small detail in your invention that you purposely leave out of your patent but
which is necessary to the successful operation of your device.

We know that the attempts to duplicate Rossi have not (to my knowledge) involved the use of
three-phase heater coils.  Is such a use a trade secret that Rossi intended to keep to himself?

Did IH discover this fact and include three-phase stimulation in its patent so as to have ownership of
what was heretofore a Rossi trade secret?  Does IH intend to pretend that they cannot reproduce
Rossi's devices because if you leave out the three-phase aspect, the devices won't work properly?

Let's say that the IH patent which calls for the three-phase stimulation is issued.  Since Rossi's name is
not the only one on the patent and since the patent is assigned to IH, does Rossi have full worldwide
rights to his own idea of three-phase drivers?

We know that when Tadahiko Mizuno placed his photo of frozen vortices on the cover of his book we
were forever changed in our view of LENR.  

Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion: by Tadahiko Mizono
The vortices shown generally face in the same direction.  Is this because they are eminating on a surface
from a common point which contains a NAE, or is there more to it?

Cyclones, Huricanes and Tornadoes all originate from the Earth's rotation and net Coriolis Force.
We know that such a force over a few meters parallel to the ground is almost trivial in its degree, but
we also know that when such forces on a larger scale are amplified into tornadoes, cyclones and
huricanes the resultant force over a few meters is huge and causes extensive damage.

Does the Rossi effect depend on his stimulating his modules with three-phase (rotating) magnetic fields?

From ; we know "that
creating optical vortices in nanostructures and coupling them into transmission-like sequences results in
dramatic optical effects, including optical spectra shaping and orders-of-magnitude increase in the field
intensity and quality factors of trapped optical modes."  Would this also be true of a LENR device
being stimulated by three-phase magnetic-heater coils?