Fusion Reaction Theories

Mats Danielsson posted a new message: 5/27/2016
The case for Li6

Li is part of LAH and extra Li in the LENR fuel is a booster according to Rossi and Me356.

Li comes in two stable flavours; Li7 is 92.5% and Li6 is 7.5% on earth. Large amounts of Li6 has been
separated out for hydrogen bombs because it is one of only three stable isotopes with a spin of 1 and
has the smallest nonzero nuclear electric quadrupole moment of any stable nucleus.

Li6 'bites' better than Li7.

I think that the NiH mouse effect is this:

The conclusion of this 19 years old Stanford report is that this phenomena is one of
a) the lower threshold of the well known pinch effect
b) a dense H not yet verified (Mills hydrino or likewize)
c) Rydberg matter (also a dense H thing)

To me for now it's not important what is the root cause but what is important is that the phenomena of
NiH GS5 produce soft X-rays/gamma/UV (if UV we don't know because there is no window letting
UV escape from the GS) and THAT radiation might be enough to make Li6 burst and THAT will start a
reaction chain of nuclear powers.

THAT is the Cat effect.

The Li6 vs Li7 isotope in LAH and extra pure Li matters.