Piantelli's Patent Content Considered

1. A method for generating energy by nuclear reactions between hydrogen and Nickel (Ni), said
method comprising the steps of:
a. Prearranging a primary material that comprises said Ni;
b. Bringing and keeping said hydrogen in contact with said Ni;
c. Heating the Ni to an initial temperature (Tinit) higher than a predetermined critical temperature;
d. Producing an impulse in said primary material, in order to cause a generation of H+ ions starting
from said hydrogen, and to cause capture reactions of said H+ ions by the Ni thus causing a generation
of a thermal energy (q);
e. Removing the thermal power (Q) derived from the generated thermal energy, while maintaining the
temperature of the Ni above the critical temperature.
f. Adding a method of stimulating the H2 such that additional H+ ions are available for said capture
reactions, such that the concentration of said H+ ions changes from a first concentration value to a
second concentration value in said hydrogen which is in contact with the Ni material, and such that the
rate of said capture reactions increases and, accordingly, said generation of thermal energy (q)
increases up to a second and higher level of thermal energy.

Later on in the patent application it refers to an “energy generator wherein said ionization means
comprises a means for supplying an energy vector to said hydrogen”. These are some means listed.

– a ionizing radiation selected from the group comprised of: a radiofrequency, in particular
microwaves; a light radiation; a uV waves; a X – radiation; an a – radiation; a β – radiation; a y –
radiation; a combination of the above radiations;
– a beam of particles selected from the group comprised of: protons; hyperons; mesons; leptons; metal
ions; a combination of the above particles;

For this experiment, we should choose one of these methods for secondary stimulation only because
we are not trying to cover all bases such as the patent does.

Currently it appears that me356 is using the RF generated by pulse width modulating the heater coil as
the primary method of producing H+.  The second method could be electical discharge through the H2
gas in the chamber, unless someone can figure out how to get microwaves into the chamber.