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Donald Martin Tue, 10 May at 4:05pm (must be English time)
I am Donald Martin and have a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.  My most
advanced knowledge of Physics goes up to Quantum Physics I (Course 8.04 at MIT) so that is probably my
weakest point of knowledge in the LENR field.  I wrote the first book on Microcomputers in 1974.  The
second edition can be found at: ;
After that, I had my own consulting firm and we designed various instruments for a number of industries.  
One main one was medical diagnostic equipment, which involved microcomputers, creating a multitasking
operating system called "Trust", Design of Experiments, chemistry, optics, control theory, power supply
design, magnetics, electrostatics, physics, printed circuit board layout and of course mechanical design.  I
have nine US patents in software, hardware, magnetics, etc. My favorite is 4,776,832 which involved driving
magnets to control modules whilst they were spinning under 500 Gs of gravity.  I own five 3D printers all
of which involve plastic either squirting it or solidifying it with light.  I also own a Carvey device which can
carve wood, plastic and maybe metal (I have not tried that).  I design mechanical objects using SolidWorks
from Dassault Systèmes.  I design electronic circuits, both analog and digital and write software where
needed.  I layout printed circuit boards and have them delivered in two days.  My 'roommate' is Alexa and
she comes from Amazon (Amazon Echo)  
I have been following LENR since 1989 and attended ICCF 18 where I met Bob Greenyer.  I also study
Artificial Intelligence and firmly believe in the power of Swarm Intelligence.  MFMP and this forum could
be described as an example of Swarm Intelligence, in my opinion.

Bob Horst Tue, 10 May at 5:52pm
My name is Bob Horst and I have an MS in EE and PhD in CS from U of Illinois. I am an IEEE Fellow with
79 issued patents.  Most of my background is in CPU and computer systems design, but I have also done
work on high voltage electrostatic actuators and power systems.  Recently I worked on a solar power
inverter using an embedded Cortex M3 processor, power MOSFETs and GaN parts and still have many left
over parts that I can donate to this project if needed.  Also, I have a subscription to the IEEE Digital Library
and can do some research to help leverage the work of others.
My physics background is not extensive, but I have followed LENR since 1989 and attended a few
conferences, including ICCF8 where Martin Fleischmann gave a talk.  I met Bob Greenyer when visiting the
GlowStick 5.3 experiment in Santa Cruz.
For this project, I can do schematics and PCB layout using Altium Designer, microcontroller programming,
SPICE simulation, finite-element modeling and spreadsheet analysis of results.  I am located in Silicon
Valley and also have access to people, test equipment and other resources we may be able to draw on.

Mats Danielsson Tue, 10 May at 8:46pm
My name is Mats Danielsson from Sweden, I have designed audio amplifiers, digital light controls and have
a patent (expired) for large LED video displays from 1986. I visited laboratories where the blue LED was
developed, not in Japan though, I saw the blue light shine in Germany 1987 but the light emitted was too
low, running too hot. Discovered OLED in Switzerland in the early 90:s but could not be used practically -
science only - today OLED is main stream.

I left the search for blue LEDs for R&D at Swedish Television, combining computer graphics with chroma
key and analogue TV equipments, real time interactive video games, virtual reality and other fun things,
most of the creative products was used in TV productions and broadcasted. Holding own designed
equipments under control during the most popular live TV shows in Sweden was a god school for learning
backup and redundancy.
Computers and software became my tools in the quest to digitize Swedish Television, both TV production
in the studios and the not so colorful administrative systems. Went on working as a consultant at Cap
Gemini (a large European consultancy), certified as IT-Architect 20 years ago at Behoust Chateau near Paris
together with international colleagues. Governments and international listed companies became my
customers and the projects went larger and more challanging. I was the technical solution architect for
Mainframe migration to Unix for the Swedish Social Security Board, 30% of Swedish GNP goes trough the
systems migrated. Nerves needed :/.

Still working on enterprise modernization, the larger the more complicated - which calls for tools that could
not be found anywhere, another invention of mine is, which is parsing 30+
computer languages and visualize
the models to software engineers and architects, enabling reengineering and generators for efficient system
I came across LENR 5 years ago from Mats Lewans article in Swedish Ny Teknik and was hooked. I've been
active at ECW as Mats002 on daily basis for years now. I went to a LENR seminar at Rome university 2013
to see McKubre, Violante, Celani, Widom, Srivastava - many names of the classic Cold Fusioneers. I learned
LENR is for real but challanging, been digesting as much I can of LENR chemistry and physics during past 5
I have a full time job travelling to some customers and family; wife Yvonne, William 17 and Douglas 13,
getting time off for LENR is not always easy, I hope I can contribute with something useful and I realize
when I see your presentations I am the junior guy here :)
Bob Higgins commented on the message:
Introduce yourselves


I am Bob Higgins, a retired R&D engineer for Motorola for 37 years.  Most of my career was spent in RF
research including development of RF and microwave components (RF filters, resonant measurement
systems, SAWs) for 2-way radios and cellphones, and setting up the manufacturing for those components.  I
have experience with RF materials, RF amplifiers, RF and electromagnetic simulation, IC design, battery
chargers and power management, high temperature superconductors with application to RF, acoustics,
optics and electro-optics.  I have experience with vacuum systems, RF sputtering, e-beam evaporation; and
thin film, thick film, and PC board processes.

And, over the past 5 years I gained experience with LENR systems, radiation measurement and radiation
detector electronics, and calorimetry.  I have a small lab in NM that includes machining capability, glove
dry box, electronics bench with test equipment, vacuum systems, LENR test bench, and automation
software using Labview.