Stimulation Committee Observations

How are we to go about discussing this project on-line?
Do we simply post messages to this site?

My first observation is that the systems that I have seen described so far seem to be burning out.
Parkhomov shows a bucket of burned out dog bones, as I recall.
me356 recently stated that his experiments end in burned out units as well.

This seems to indicate that the experimental models are under designed.  In other words, they need
improvement in their control systems.

Shouldn't the control design become more complex until it works and then be simplified later?
Items to be controlled:
1. Heating element
2. EMF or RF or laser or MW
3. Source of Hydrogen

By mixing the LiAlH4 in with the Li and Ni, it seems that we have a mixture in which the Low Energy
Nuclear Reactions taking place are creating heat and the heat is generating
more Hydrogen.  This is a
positive feedback situation that is begging to create "thermal runaway" or nuclear power plant
melt-down depending on your orientation.

To control a coal fire, we control the amount of coal and then we can restrict the source of oxygen in
order to control the rate of reaction.  We can also control the temperature by cooling it with water and
this would probably work.  This doesn't seem to be adequate to controlling an LENR dog bone.

To control a propane-fired grill, we can control the amount of propane being delivered.  If we try to
control the amount of air, we might have a build-up of unburned C3H8 and this could lead to an
explosion or asphyxiation depending on the environment.