Index to MFMP Stimulation Committee

001 First Observations about LENR problems
002 Further Observtions

101 Stimulation Committee Invitation
102 Stimulation Committee Background Information
103 Stimulation Committee Personnel
104 First Posting
105 Mats
106 Ryan Hunt bio
107 Osmo Laakaonen Bio

201 First Posting
207 Messages
208 Piantelli Patent Considered
209 Equipment Sine Wave Generator Possibilities
210 Electrical Discharge and System Design
211 Fusion Reaction Theories
212 Fusion Reaction Theories
213 Microwave Stimulation from Bob Horst

221 Theory of Three-Phase Magnetic Stimulation
231 Spark Discharge for Stimulus

294 Theory Need for Parallel Wires
295 Messages not sent, oops category

301 Pyrometer

401 Results in Isotopes from the Lugano Hot-Cat experiment
402 Looking For Heat experiment with Nickel rods and Hydrogen gas