Lynx Robot

Here is a review by someone else that is accurate:

I purchased this product and it is a big let down. Real big let down.

I am disappointed with this product. Here are the reasons:

1. It is marketed as Alexa connected Robot. Here is the problem for Alexa to work smoothly, you need
good microphone. This robot does not even detect the trigger word command 'Alexa' unless you go very
near and yell at it. Then the response from Alexa is very slow compared to speaking directly at Amazon
Echo devices.

2. Robot - well as a Robot it dances. Nice. But that's about it. The movement and Robot intelligence?
Meh! Doesn't exist. Try saying any other command other than dance and taking a picture, won't work.

3. Speakers - If you are thinking of listening to music from Alexa using this Robot, well forget it. The
speakers are really awful. How bad? I mean really bad. Listening to music? well forget it.

4. Software implementation - Installation is confusing, the setup manual is confusing? the menu system
is confusing. Have you heard of the word simplicity? Doesn't apply here.

5. Surveillance system - Not reliable at all. You are better of buying Nest Camera solutions for this.

6. Then what is this Robot good for? I have no idea. This Robot has identity crisis. It is jack of all trades
and master of none.

7. For this price point, well it is not worth it. You are are better off buying Apple Homepod and Amazon

8. If you insist on buying a smart Robot then wait for Sony's Aibo launch in the US.

Sorry UBTECH, This product has so many minuses than pluses. This product looks like a prototype
rather than a commercial release. Maybe version 2 fixes all these issues?